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Continuing its collaboration with the Swedish transmission systems operator Svenska kraftnät, Linxon brings its expertise to the Messaure substation in Jokkmokk, northern Sweden.

Linxon’s brownfield development of a new 8-bay 400 kV AIS substation forms a key component of the planned Aurora power line. A Swedish-Finnish collaboration, the Aurora Line is a European Project of Common Interest (PCI) designed to secure an important part of future Nordic electricity supply, as well as that of the common European market.

In early October 2023, Svenska kraftnät was granted a government concession for the Swedish part of the line, which joins Messaure to the Finnish border at Risudden and the Torne River. Linxon will start work on the Messaure substation in Jokkmokk in April 2024.

The Aurora Line will increase cross-border capacity by approximately 900 MW from Finland to Sweden and 800 MW from Sweden to Finland. Climate impact reduction is also promised with increased electricity trading capacity, equalised electricity prices between Finland and the rest of the Nordic region and reduced dependency on fossil fuel electricity production.