• Middle East & Africa


  • Utilities


  • Above 400 kV


  • Ministry of Electricity, Iraq


  • 2021

Linxon has successfully energized the extension of the Baghdad North 400 kV substation in Iraq.

With the completion of this project, Ministry of Electricity (MOE-MR) succeed to stabilize electricity transmission and power distribution in the northern parts of Baghdad where the grid has been impacted by high population and urban expansions. This achievement solves bottlenecks and provides flexibility for the transmission lines in the national network of Baghdad province and the future aim is to refurbish, upgrade as well as expand the transmission and distribution networks in this rapidly growing area.

Baghdad North substation connects the additional fifth diameter with several substations via two overhead lines of 400 kV (North Baghdad – East Baghdad and North Baghdad – Jerusalem) with lengths of up to 1000 kilometers.