Unveiling the future of energy

Located at North Carolina State University’s Centennial Campus, Linxon Americas is not just a Raleigh-based company — we are a key part of a community filled with ambition and creativity. At Linxon, you will be a significant member of a team that is leading the transformation of the energy sector across the Americas.

Linxon Americas handles a wide range of segments — from traditional generation to integrating renewable power assets into the grid, constructing essential infrastructure like substations and battery energy storage systems, and providing power supply systems for rail transportation.

Joining our team means being part of a recognized organization, that’s at the forefront of energy transformation in the Americas. It offers the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects with strong expertise in the construction. It also means contributing to an organization that’s recognized and celebrated in the industry. Ultimately, it is a chance to make a significant impact on the future of energy amongst the leaders.

We invite you to join our team at Linxon Americas where, you can contribute to the future of energy. Together, we will continue to innovate and transform the energy landscape in the Americas and worldwide. Are you ready to contribute? Join us and be part of this transformation.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Linxon is an equal-opportunity employer, welcoming individuals of all genders, cultures, and backgrounds. Diversity is a crucial driver of innovation, enabling us to achieve our goals. We are committed to building a culture of inclusion, which is essential for our collective success. We aim to create a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered. #DifferentMakesTheDifference


Linxon aims to create a sustainable future by challenging traditional practices in electrical substation construction. We prioritize reducing resource depletion, pollution, and biodiversity damage through innovative engineering, circular procurement principles, and modular construction methods. We aim to cut CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

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Linxon Americas is proud to have been celebrated as a great place to work for two consecutive years. We are committed to maintaining a vibrant and supportive culture. Advance your career with us and contribute globally to the progress and prosperity of cities and communities.

Our offices

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Nicolas Sanloup

Nicolas Sanloup

Managing Director Americas

At Linxon Americas, we recognize that our greatest strength lies in our people. Each team member brings unique expertise and a passion for innovation, driving our success in the engineering, procurement and construction in the energy sectors. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and sustainability sets us apart, and it’s our diverse and talented workforce that makes it all possible. We invite you to join us on our journey. Together, we’re not only constructing infrastructure; we’re shaping the future of energy through cutting-edge technology and strong project management. Come be part of a collaborative environment where your contributions truly make a difference.

Discover some of our projects

Project 1

Vineyard Wind: Pioneering the future of renewable energy

Imagine being part of the team that brought the first utility-scale offshore wind project to the U.S.! The Vineyard Wind project, spearheaded by Linxon, involves constructing a 220/115-kilovolt substation to connect 700 MW of clean offshore wind energy to the ISO New England power grid. This project will power over 400,000 homes and businesses in Massachusetts, cutting carbon emissions by over 1.6 million tons annually. Construction began in 2021, with full commissioning by 2023, creating local jobs and ensuring long-term economic benefits through ongoing operations and maintenance.

Join us in setting the stage for a sustainable and prosperous future with innovative renewable energy solutions!

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Project 2

APS: Fueling progress and resilience in Phoenix

Imagine contributing to the infrastructure that meets the rapidly growing power needs of Phoenix! Linxon is partnering with Arizona Public Service (APS) to deliver a critical 230 kV high-voltage substation. The project encompasses design, engineering, construction, testing, and commissioning, along with all related civil engineering works, all managed by Linxon. Scheduled for completion by Q4 2024, this project will support the expansion of a major data center in the Phoenix area, a key driver of the region’s economic growth and job creation. By ensuring reliable and sustainable energy, this initiative supports Phoenix’s development and wider sustainability goals.

Join us in powering a thriving and sustainable future for the community!

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Project 3

Talen: Powering data with carbon-free energy

Imagine being part of a project that powers the future of data with clean energy! Talen Energy has selected Linxon to build three greenfield substations for their Cumulus Data Center Project in Salem Township, Pennsylvania. These substations will connect to the 2,500 MW Susquehanna nuclear power plant, providing carbon-free electricity to a new 400,000 square foot Cumulus data center campus nearby. Linxon will provide a turnkey solution, utilizing products from Hitachi Energy for the 500/69 kV Gas Insulated Substation (GIS), and the 230/69 kV GIS and hybrid substations.

Join us in advancing sustainable energy solutions for the future of data infrastructure!

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Project 4

Greenport: Powering tomorrow with innovative BESS solutions

Imagine being part of a revolutionary project that accelerates the energy transition in Texas! Linxon has signed an exclusivity agreement for the 100 MW/200 MWh Greenport Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) project in Austin, Texas. This project is part of a strategic partnership to develop 1GW of distributed energy storage projects in the ERCOT market. Linxon will design, construct, install and test the necessary equipment. The project aims to promote sustainability and enhance energy reliability in the region and is scheduled for completion in 2025.

Join us in pioneering sustainable energy solutions and driving the future of battery storage!

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Are you ready to join our journey towards a carbon-free energy future? Linxon is looking for talented individuals who are passionate about their work to join its team. We seek talented individuals dedicated to powering a greener world!

Career opportunities

Project and Site Management
The project and site manager oversees the planning, execution, and completion of construction projects to ensure they are delivered on time, within scope, and on budget. This role involves coordinating all on-site activities, managing project teams, liaising with stakeholders, and maintaining safety and quality standards.

Engineering and Procurement
Engineering and procurement roles involve combining technical design and strategic sourcing to ensure project success. Responsibilities include sourcing, negotiating, purchasing materials and services, and designing, developing, and implementing technical solutions. This dual role requires supplier management, contract negotiations, and ensuring timely, cost-effective procurement to support project timelines and budgets, while also coordinating with other departments and ensuring compliance with industry standards for efficient outcomes.

Contracts Commercial
Commercial contracts involve managing contracts throughout the project lifecycle, including negotiation, compliance, dispute resolution, and financial and commercial interest protection.

Sales and Proposals
Sales and proposal roles involve identifying business opportunities, developing proposals, and securing contracts. Responsibilities include market research, client engagement, proposal development, and working closely with engineering and project teams to align proposals with client needs and company capabilities.

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality
HSEQ roles involve ensuring employee well-being, protecting the environment, and maintaining high-quality project standards. Responsibilities include developing and implementing health and safety policies, conducting risk assessments, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations, monitoring quality control processes, conducting audits, and facilitating continuous improvement initiatives.

Project Controls
Project control roles involve monitoring and controlling project performance, focusing on cost, schedule, and scope management. Responsibilities include developing project plans, tracking progress, analyzing variances, and implementing corrective actions to ensure projects stay on track and within budget.

Meet our local team

 Iman Khosravi

Iman Khosravi

Head of Sales and Proposals

“If you’re eager to try something new and want to be part of a dynamic, global team, apply to Linxon.”

Oumarou Sani

Oumarou Sani

Business Development

“One of the things that resonates with me is the Mobility Program at Linxon. It has allowed my family and me to expand my career experience and learn from a thriving new market in the US offshore”

Christina Robbins

Christina Robbins

Commodity Manager & Supply Chain

“I am excited to grow with the company and actively shape our processes from the ground up, contributing to innovative solutions and fostering a dynamic, forward-thinking environment”

Andrea Soto

Andrea Soto

BESS Business Development Manager

“We help our clients in developing their projects, from initial concept to the entire engineering process, to introduce a BESS solution to the market.”

Jonathan Dorion

Jonathan Dorion

Project Controller

“The diverse team we have is very exciting, with a rich mix of cultures, perspectives, and languages from different places”

Omar Touqan

Omar Touqan

Project Manager

“As a project manager, I manage key projects related to GIS and AIS substation execution from the beginning to the final stages”