Meet Dhruti Deepkumar Shah, Electrical Designer in India.

At Linxon, we are proud to have a team of talented women engineers who are driving innovation and making a positive impact in the world. Today is International Women in Engineering Day, a day to celebrate and recognize the amazing contributions of women in the engineering industry.

Coming from a family with roots in engineering, it has always been my dream to work for a company that supports renewable integration and strives to create a better, more livable planet for future generations.

As a mother of a 20-month-old child, I believe that family time is just as important as work. Therefore, balancing my work-life and family is one of my greatest professional achievements.

Having the freedom to work at my own convenience and pace has made me realize that Linxon is the company I’ve been searching for.

I challenge inequality by listening to my colleagues and friends and offering them advice when needed.”


Today, we are celebrating International Women in Engineering Day!