Today, we are celebrating International Women in Engineering Day!

June 22, 2023

International Women in Engineering Day, also known as INWED, is celebrated annually on June 23rd. This day aims to recognize and celebrate the contributions of women in the engineering industry, as well as encourage more women to pursue careers in this exciting and dynamic field.

INWED was launched in 2014 by the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) in the United Kingdom. This day was created to raise awareness about the achievements of women in engineering, to encourage more girls and women to consider engineering as a career, and to promote diversity and inclusion in the engineering industry.

Since its inception, INWED has become a global event, celebrated in over 100 countries across the world. It has become an opportunity to showcase the work of women engineers, highlight their contributions to the industry, and inspire the next generation of women to pursue careers in engineering.

Global numbers from the industry

Despite the significant progress that has been made in recent years, the engineering industry still has a considerable way to go when it comes to gender diversity. According to a UNESCO report, only about 30% of the world’s researchers are women, with even lower percentages in engineering and technology fields.

In the United States, women make up only 14% of the engineering workforce and occupy only about a quarter of engineering and computer science jobs in key technology companies. In the United Kingdom, only 12% of engineers are women. In Africa, women represent only 5% of the engineering workforce, and in Asia, women represent only 8% of the engineering workforce. These numbers illustrate the need for significant continued efforts to encourage more women to pursue careers in engineering and ensure that the industry strives towards more inclusive practices.

Linxon started the journey

At Linxon, currently we have almost 7% of females in our engineering team. We know there is still work to do and have set our business with clear goals to increase our overall gender diversity.

“We are constantly trying to attract new talents and it is crucial that our new joiners are hired from diverse backgrounds. We strongly believe that learning from each other’s different perspectives will create a more robust and adaptable business”, said Stefan Reisacher, CEO.

Reflections on challenges and opportunities

The engineering industry offers many opportunities for women to make significant contributions to society and advance their careers in many directions. However, there are still many obstacles that women face in this field. Some of them include:

Lack of role models: Women may struggle to find female engineers as role models and mentors in their field, which can make it harder to navigate the challenges of the industry.

Stereotypes and biases: Many women face stereotypes and biases about their abilities and suitability for engineering roles, which can undermine their confidence and limit their opportunities.

Work-life balance: Like many industries, engineering can be demanding and time-consuming, making it challenging for women to balance their personal and professional responsibilities.

Despite these challenges, many women are thriving   in engineering. The industry offers a wide range of exciting and rewarding career paths, from renewable energy and sustainable design to state-of-the art technology development. Advancements in technology and innovation provide opportunities to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems, and engineers can play a crucial role in these efforts.

“International Women in Engineering Day is an important opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women engineers and to promote diversity and inclusion in the industry. By raising awareness about the contributions of women engineers and highlighting the opportunities available in this field, we can encourage more girls and women to pursue careers in engineering and support their success. As we continue to work towards greater gender equality in the industry, we can ensure that the engineering industry thrives,” said Stefan Reisacher.

Join us in celebrating International Women in Engineering Day and support gender diversity in the engineering industry. Meet some of our talented women engineers in the field and learn about their experiences and contributions to the industry.

International Women in Engineering Day!