Meet Falguni Thakkar, Senior Project Engineer in India.

At Linxon, we are proud to have a team of talented women engineers who are driving innovation and making a positive impact in the world. Today is International Women in Engineering Day, a day to celebrate and recognize the amazing contributions of women in the engineering industry.

I was inspired to work in the technology sector because I want to make the world better by working at a company that supports renewable integration.

My Inspiration is Mrs. Sudha Murthy, the chairperson of Infosys Foundation – The first female engineer hired at India’s largest auto manufacturer (Telco, now known as Tata Motors).

I’ll know that I’ve achieved my professional goals when I have a great work-life balance and family supports.

I realized that Linxon is an inclusive place to work when I first spoke up in a meeting and my opinion was heard and considered. I believe LINXON (#makesafetyseen) is a safe workplace where employees feel secure with all safety and enjoy a safe space, company values and positive co-working environment.

I challenge inequality by speaking out when I see acts of inequality and giving my opinion in the workplace. I believe this ethics in my personal and professional life.


Today, we are celebrating International Women in Engineering Day!