“Substations – the heart of a power network” A blog from Linxon CEO Fréderic Tréfois

March 26, 2019

Substations are the essential links in a power network chain that stretches from the generating station, where electricity is originated, to transmission and distribution systems where it is conveyed, ending at the load points, where it is distributed and used. Substations handle and direct this precious cargo along at each step.

Where electricity has become the lifeblood of our world, substations are the beating hearts that get it to us. So they must work like our own beating hearts – invisibly, effortlessly and without fail.

For something this important, you need a true partner who can deliver reliable, sustainable substation solutions. Linxon is a new joint venture company with long experience in the substation business, set up by global engineering giants SNC-Lavalin and ABB to deliver world-class turnkey electrical AC substations, from niche designs to megaprojects.

Linxon expertise encompasses project design, engineering, procurement, construction, management, commissioning and after-sales support. From light metro or high speed rail transit to clean wind offshore generation and city power systems, Linxon execution strategies expertly manage project risk and protect return on investment for customers, providing complete turnkey electrical substations and electrification projects in all corners of the world, backed by more than 100 years of experience and hundreds of reference projects.

Linxon core values embrace quality, health, safety, security and environmental protection, and the company works hard to deliver all engineering, procurement, design/delivery projects with zero defects and zero harm to people and the environment, whilst ensuring customer satisfaction and trust.

After launching operations on September 1, 2018, Linxon enters 2019 with high ambitions and a solid platform of performance built on the company’s first months and the unrivaled competence accumulated by our parent partners over many decades, where Linxon is the unique actor in the field combining the strength of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with the competences of a contractor.

Each day Linxon gathers strength with steady focus on core functions, such as supply chain management, risk alleviation and construction expertise. Our customers have now started to recognize our newly-minted brand, which is a very positive sign.

They recognize that even though the Linxon brand is new, our company culture is built on solid and well-proven business values – agility, competence and customer focus, delivering first-class solutions with an open-minded, team-oriented, safe and collaborative approach.

Frédéric Tréfois
CEO Linxon