Substations are vital for successful wind projects

June 10, 2019

A wind power plant comprising turbines, collection systems, substations and many other components is every bit as complex as a traditional power plant in terms of design and maintenance requirements.

From a system perspective substations are arguably one of the most crucial components, tasked with collecting electricity generated by many turbines and feeding it to the grid. A substation problem means electricity from all those turbines isn’t going anywhere, because without a substation, the generated power can’t be delivered.

A substation must be able to switch, protect and control power, and safely feed it to transmission lines and systems. That is why wind projects need a reliable partner with abundant substation expertise to oversee the challenges of renewable wind power collection and grid connection.

Linxon is a joint venture company set up by ABB and SNC‑Lavalin to execute turnkey electrical AC substation projects, including substations for wind energy and other renewable projects.

A rich inheritance

Linxon inherits both ABB’s deep knowledge gained from more than 100 years of designing and building substations and SNC‑Lavalin’s extensive project management expertise. The result is a new company dedicated to building substations and backed by decades of technology, substation and electrification project experience worldwide.

Linxon turnkey AC substation solutions encompass project design, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and after‑sales support, with projects that include both conventional and renewable power generation, as well as the power transmission and transportation sectors.

One of the best ways to reduce risk in wind projects is to select a project/technology partner with a proven track record that will install safe, reliable equipment and help the customer meet vital construction/installation dates. Turnkey AC substation solutions from Linxon help customers on this path by integrating and interconnecting clean energy generation to ensure grid reliability and secure power supplies, based on proven, state-of-the-art technologies.

The renewable generation

Linxon leverages knowledge and experience from around the globe, and offers a range of scalable substation solutions to efficiently integrate wind power into the transmission grid and distribution network.

Deep knowledge of wind-generation technologies and comprehensive experience with grid codes and utility practices from around the world help Linxon provide turnkey grid connection solutions for renewable power generation projects of all types and sizes, including compact, fully integrated and scalable substation solutions and grid connection plans for wind power plants.

Linxon focuses on project schedule to ensure commercial generation obligations are met, with short turnkey delivery times that bring new generation assets online more quickly as renewable energy costs continue to fall. It also helps simplify and shorten the permitting process, concession applications and utility negotiations with speedy and well-documented proposals.

The Linxon difference

Linxon solutions boost capacity, enhance reliability and increase availability of transmission and distribution networks with proven substation designs and innovative grid technologies.

The result is a more reliable power supply, more efficient use and management of electricity, and improved operational performance for industrial customers, as well as ongoing grid reliability and secure power supplies with integration and interconnection solutions for the renewable energy sector.

With a global footprint and local presence that ensures complete support over the entire lifetime of a substation, Linxon is a partner customers can depend on.