Meet Laureen Callos, our Senior Civil and Structural Engineer based in the US.

At Linxon, we are proud to have a team of talented women engineers who are driving innovation and making a positive impact in the world. Laureen is an expert in her field and is passionate about using her skills to create sustainable solutions that benefit society. She is just one of the many talented women engineers we have at Linxon, and we are honored to have them on our team.

“My passion for engineering runs deep in my family. My grandfather was the first engineer in our family, pioneering mechanical engineering because of his fascination with airplanes. My dad is an electrical engineer who has worked on many groundbreaking projects, and my aunt was one of the first 15 female engineers in her home country, Honduras. Following in their footsteps, I was inspired to work in the technology sector and make a positive impact in society.”

For me, achieving my professional goals means aligning my personal development plan with my vision for the future. I want to be involved in pioneering projects that advance society in meaningful ways and have a position in the company that allows me to do so.  As a minority in the field, I am proud to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day and at Linxon, I found an inclusive and welcoming environment. I was supported from the start and encouraged to share my ideas.

“As we celebrate INWED with this year’s theme #makesafetyseen, it’s important to highlight that at Linxon, safety is a top priority. Since joining the Americas team (NAM), I have experienced a culture of responsibility where every employee is accountable for maintaining high safety standards and deserves to work in a safe and secure environment.”

On this International Women in Engineering Day, let us celebrate the amazing contributions of women in engineering, and let us commit to promoting diversity and inclusion in our workplaces. As an engineer and a woman in a male-dominated field, I challenge inequality by increasing my own awareness of it and those around me, and by counterbalancing inequality whenever I see it happening. This includes promoting open communication, social activities that help us get to know each other and be aware of potential cultural differences and providing fair opportunities to all employees of the company who have the same qualifications.

Today, we are celebrating International Women in Engineering Day!