Beyond recruitment: Building fulfilling connections

December 7, 2023

Welcome to the dynamic world of Linxon, where every day is an opportunity to make an unforgettable first impression and unlock the door to a fulfilling career!

Meet the faces behind Linxon’s Global Recruitment Team — a team of talented HR professionals with diverse backgrounds and a passion for connecting talented individuals with rewarding opportunities.

Leading the team is Nicky Young, the Global Recruitment Manager who has been with the organization for nearly 18 months. For Nicky, the magic happens when communication and collaboration weave seamlessly between our talented recruiters and global hiring teams.

“At Linxon, we’re not just a team; we’re a family with exciting ideas and a shared vision for the future,” Nicky proudly declares.

Splitting our global reach into hubs, our recruiters get the amazing opportunity to work across many cultures. Take Sujeetha Indrajith taking the lead for the UK, Ireland, and Central Europe HUBs. A busy mum a of 1 year old, Sujeetha also juggles stakeholder management with crafting innovative recruitment strategies, Sujeetha is on a mission to match niche talent with specific needs. With over 10 years of industry finesse, she believes adaptability and a deep understanding of people are the keys to success.

Ghazali Ahmed, joined the team in 2022 as a seasoned player in the Talent Acquisition and Attraction arena, having worked in recruitment and HR for over 9 years. He has truly made his mark in our team and recognized by the business for his tenacity in supporting the business in achieving the strategic growth across the APAC and MEA regions, he works tirelessly, ensuring not just the right fit for roles but unforgettable candidate experiences.

“The best part? Making a difference in someone’s life by landing them their dream job,” Ghazali beams.

Meet Suresh, our Recruitment Specialist who armed with a master’s degree, Suresh is on a mission to help people discover their ideal jobs while staying ahead of the curve in recruitment trends. Passionate about fitness and culinary exploration, Suresh is always hungry for knowledge and innovation.

But what sets Linxon apart in the world of recruitment? Let’s dive into the heart of it with our exceptional team.

A career at Linxon is more than just a job. Ghazali, finds pride in Linxon’s purpose and strong focus on sustainability and renewable energy, making it the ideal choice for a rewarding career.

The team place emphasis on understanding local markets while maintaining a global approach. “Adapting recruitment strategies to suit different regions and cultures means our role is ever changing.” says Nicky.

Suresh adds, “Adapting to cultures and situations is crucial. I connect with colleagues to understand regional job markets, blending personal touch with market research.”

Their approach? Personal connections, tailored strategies, and a commitment to ensuring a positive experience for both candidates and hiring managers. “We build relationships with candidates—it’s not just about filling roles, but about creating a positive journey,” Nicky emphasizes.

Strengths? Positive candidate experiences, and robust relationships with hiring managers.

Sujeetha echoes, “It’s gratifying when candidates appreciate the recruitment process.”

In Linxon’s friendly culture, the team thrives on learning from each other through regular briefings. “We believe in growth and success together— supporting each other,” Ghazali shares.

So, what’s the ambition for Linxon? The team envisions a growing organization with abundant career opportunities, continually improving talent acquisition strategies, and a reputation for being best in class. “I want Linxon to be known for its effective and seamless recruitment strategies in the future,” Sujeetha declares.

Their inspiration? Linxon’s global culture, offering cross-country adventures and end-to-end recruitment experiences.

As Suresh sums it up, “Linxon is a fantastic place to work—a culture that fosters growth, transparency, and the drive to achieve results to support business success.”

If you are ready to embark on a journey where every day is a new adventure. Join us at Linxon and be part of a team that’s not just shaping careers but helping power the world with carbon-free energy.