Bridging cultures and distances: Deepika’s journey with Linxon’s Global Mobility Programme

July 9, 2024

Linxon’s Global Mobility Programme has been a game-changer for Deepika S., leaving an indelible mark on her professional and personal growth. Her inspiring journey beautifully showcases how impactful communication, inclusivity, and cultural exchange can be. Despite the challenges of collaborating remotely with her Swedish finance team and fully embracing Swedish culture during a pivotal three-week visit, Deepika’s experience shines a bright spotlight on the incredible value of the program in creating a vibrant, global work environment.

In a world where distances often pose significant challenges, Linxon’s Global Mobility Programme stands out as an opportunity, enabling employees to bridge cultural gaps and foster meaningful connections. Deepika S., from Chennai, India, is a testament to this programme’s transformative power. Joining Linxon in November 2023, Deepika embarked on a journey that enhanced her professional skills and enriched her personal experiences.

Navigating smooth transitions through effective communication

Initially, Deepika faced the challenge of working with her Swedish finance team from a distance. The geographical separation could have been a significant barrier, but Linxon’s robust communication tools and inclusive culture ensured a seamless transition.

“All trainings were conducted via Teams in structured training sessions with my colleagues in Sweden. Also, a lot of calls and Teams messages helped a lot during the initial period,” Deepika shares.

Regular team meetings and daily interactions helped her quickly bond with her colleagues, creating a cohesive team despite the distance. Her team and direct manager emphasized the importance of communication in overcoming these challenges. They believed in encouraging close and regular communication within the team. It’s better to inform each other too often than too seldom. This proactive approach ensured that Deepika felt included and informed, fostering a supportive environment.

Deepika’s immersive cultural experience in Sweden

In June 2024, Deepika’s journey took a significant turn when she was invited to Sweden for almost three weeks. This period was pivotal, allowing her to immerse herself in the Swedish culture and gain a deeper understanding of the organization.

“Spending almost three weeks in Sweden for additional training and cultural immersion was incredibly beneficial. It gave me a deeper understanding of the organization and the Swedish way of working, which I found to be inclusive and collaborative,” Deepika reflects.

During her stay, Deepika had the unique opportunity to participate in a traditional Midsummer celebration in Västerås. The day was filled with dancing around the maypole, enjoying strawberry cake, and crafting flower wreaths.

“Participating in Midsummer was an incredible experience. It’s such a vibrant and joyous occasion that truly highlights Swedish culture and traditions,” Deepika shares enthusiastically.

This celebration not only allowed her to witness the cultural richness of Sweden but also to connect with her colleagues on a personal level.

This experience also shed light on the cultural differences between Sweden and India, particularly regarding gender perceptions in the business world.

“Being a woman in the finance sector can be both challenging and rewarding, but my experience working with the Swedish team has been exceptionally fulfilling. The Nordics are renowned for their progressive stance on gender equality, deeply embedded in our team’s culture,” Deepika notes.

This inclusive and supportive environment empowered her to excel professionally and added a valuable perspective to her leadership skills.

Deepika’s journey with Linxon is a compelling personal growth, cultural exchange, and professional development story. Her experience highlights the immense value of Linxon’s Global Mobility Programme, not just for the individuals participating but also for the teams and organizations involved. Linxon creates a dynamic and enriching work environment that transcends borders by fostering open communication, inclusivity, and cultural understanding.

For potential candidates and employees, Deepika’s story is an inspiring example of what is possible through Linxon’s Global Mobility Programme. It underscores the programme’s role in creating a global community where employees can thrive, learn, and contribute meaningfully, regardless of their location in the world.

Reflecting on her journey, Deepika expresses her appreciation:

“Overall, my experience with the Swedish organization has been very positive. The focus on communication, inclusion, and support has made my transition smooth and fulfilling. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a dedicated and welcoming team.”

Her story is a testament to the power of global mobility in building bridges and fostering a truly connected and inclusive global workforce.

The value of Mobility Programs in enhancing work dynamics

Linxon’s Global Mobility Programme enables employees to take on temporary assignments abroad to share their expertise or for professional development. The programme not only addresses immediate business needs but also supports the personal and professional growth of our employees. We use advanced digital tools such as Teams for training and daily communications to ensure seamless collaboration across distances. However, we also recognize the irreplaceable value of human connections. While technology bridges the physical gap, face-to-face interactions and cultural immersion foster deeper understanding and stronger bonds among our global teams.

 “Our Global Mobility Programme is more than just a business strategy to share best practices and expertise across the globe; it is a commitment to our employees’ growth and our company’s global vision. By providing these opportunities, we ensure our employees gain invaluable cultural insights and build stronger, more cohesive teams. In today’s interconnected world, these personal connections are what truly drive innovation and collaboration. We are proud to offer such enriching experiences that not only advance careers but also create a more inclusive and unified global workforce,” says Therese Rosén, Human Resources Business Partner at Linxon Sweden

By prioritizing these mobility experiences, Linxon fosters a workplace culture where diversity is celebrated and global collaboration is at the forefront. This commitment ensures that our teams can connect personally, enriching the work dynamics and driving the company forward in a truly globalized world.