Celebrating International Women’s Day: Inspire Inclusion

March 8, 2024

On this International Women’s Day (IWD), let’s come together to celebrate the remarkable achievements, resilience, and contributions of women across the globe. This day serves as reminder that when we champion women’s rights and create an inclusive workplace, we lift up everyone. Remember, inclusion is a commitment to equality, diversity and belonging for all.

Women continue to break barriers, shatter stereotypes and pave the way for future generations.

At Linxon, the spirit of inclusion and empowerment resonates deeply as we honor the achievements and resilience of women within our community. Their stories are a testament to their strength, determination and unwavering commitment to both personal and professional endeavors.

Celebrating the women in our community

Nazila Golstrom: Linxon Sweden Document Control

In the quest to balance the roles of a mother, wife, and professional, Nazila shares her journey. Transitioning through various career phases, she exemplifies resilience and dedication.

 “I’ve navigated various roles and made sacrifices to maintain balance, guided by my core values. Transitioning from being a flight attendant to pursuing further education and becoming a sales department manager demanded determination and commitment. After having my second child, I shifted to a role as a document controller to better manage work-life balance. Despite these transitions, my dedication to both career growth and family responsibilities has remained unwavering. Each stage involved daily trade-offs, but I’ve consistently prioritized advancing my career while fulfilling my roles as a mother, daughter and partner.”

Nazila highlights the company’s commitment to individual values and a flexible work policy.

“Linxon values you as an individual, flexible work policy, including hybrid options, creates an inclusive environment that enables women to thrive in their careers while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. This policy not only attracts more women to the company but also promotes their retention and advancement into leadership positions by removing barriers related to traditional work structures.”


Mufideh Alnajjar: Linxon MEA Contracts Manager

Mufideh Alnajjar’s journey reflects perseverance and self-discovery. Balancing the demands of motherhood and a thriving professional career, she emphasizes the significance of setting boundaries and embracing imperfection.

“By implementing practical strategies, I’ve crafted a fulfilling and harmonious existence that resonates with my goals and values. Personally, time constraints, the pursuit of perfection, and feelings of guilt were my primary challenges. To overcome them, I’ve learned to prioritize tasks, delegate when feasible, and establish clear boundaries between work and personal life. Saying no and concentrating on meaningful priorities have been crucial. I’ve embraced imperfection, celebrating small victories, and practicing self-love along the way.”

Her advice to her younger self echoes a message of self-worth and resilience, inspiring others to navigate life’s challenges with grace and determination.

“As I reflect on my journey, here’s the advice I’d offer my 25-year-old self: Self-care isn’t selfish. Embrace mistakes, learn, and move forward. Your worth isn’t tied to external validation; you’re enough as you are. Love fearlessly, even if it means vulnerability. Advocate for your rights and be a voice for change.”


Vandhana Jayakumar: Linxon India Human Resources Advisor

Vandhana Jayakumar’s narrative underscores the pivotal role of mentorship in professional growth. Inspired by her formidable manager, Vandhana learned the value of resilience and self-belief.

“Strong women lift each other up! Early on in my career, I was selected for a HR transition project. I felt unsure about my abilities. I asked my manager, “Why me”? and she asked, “Why not you?” She assured me, that my educational background and fresh mind would bring insights and perspectives that were valuable to the team. I owe her for the confidence to stay resilient and to never shy away from speaking up.”

Linxon’s hybrid work policy provided her with the flexibility to navigate personal emergencies without compromising professional commitments. Her experience highlights the transformative impact of flexible work arrangements on employee well-being and productivity.

“Recently I faced a personal medical emergency at home, which required more of my in-person presence for post recovery procedures for an immediate family member. For couple of weeks, I exercised hybrid to its full capacity, cutting down commute to office and spending more time at home. This way I was able to meet my work obligations and at the same time take care of family demands during a crucial phase.”

Jennifer Majure : Linxon Americas Project Controller

Our efforts have not only attracted a talented pool of female colleagues but also fostered an environment where diversity and respect are at the core of our team dynamics.

Jennifer Majure (She/Her) Project Controller



“I’ve been fortunate to have a supportive leadership increase in our female colleagues in, which is a traditionally challenging sector for women. In the Americas, we have a diverse team from so many nationalities, and everyone feels valued and respected. It’s a crucial effort for everyone to promote these roles to women, spread the word in their circles, and continue working towards a more balanced and inclusive future.”


To all the women at Linxon and beyond… 

Thank you for your dedication, commitment and resilience that shape a future where diversity is celebrated, and opportunities are equal. Together, let us continue to champion inclusivity and empowerment, ensuring diversity is celebrated. Your voices matter, your work matters, and your presence matters.