Empowering tomorrow: Linxon’s STEM ambassadors ignite passion for sustainable futures through STEM education

December 5, 2023

Today, on International Volunteer Day, we celebrate our STEM ambassadors at Linxon. They volunteer to promote STEM education and inspire young people towards sustainable futures. Being a STEM ambassador is crucial to Linxon’s CSR initiatives, offering unparalleled career opportunities and professional development in STEM.

Today is International Volunteer Day, and this year’s theme is “The Power of Collective Action: If Everyone Did.”

At Linxon, we pride ourselves on the volunteer spirit of our workforce. On this particular day, we wanted to celebrate the excellent work of our STEM Ambassadors in the UK, who are volunteering within their local community to promote the STEM educational programme, which has a life-changing impact on young people, encouraging them to take up career paths which contribute towards a more sustainable future.

Why is being a STEM Ambassador essential to some of our employees here at Linxon?

“Since August 2022, I’ve proudly served as a STEM Ambassador, inspired by a colleague’s encouragement. The STEM Ambassador program aligns with my belief that every student deserves a chance to explore diverse career paths. As a sustainability professional, I aim to share my journey and inspire the next generation to embrace careers that shape a sustainable future. Connecting with students from varied backgrounds, I guide them through the challenges and possibilities of tomorrow, encouraging them to be architects of positive change.” — Marcus Stone, Environment and Sustainability Lead.

“As a STEM ambassador since June 2022, I connect with the next generation to discuss their future careers. One standout memory was during a session discussing the electrical vehicle recharging docks incentive scheme in London. Witnessing students positively competing with brilliant ideas made the experience truly memorable.” — Ahmad Ibrahim, Civil Project Engineering.

“As a STEM ambassador since April 2015, I inspire students about STEM careers and their contribution to society. I plant seeds of curiosity and tackle the need for more information through dialogue. One standout moment was at the Cheltenham Science Festival in 2017, witnessing young students’ interest in renewable energy and desire to become engineers.” — Amanpreet Singh, Sales and Proposals Manager.

Linxon recognises the importance of promoting STEM formation as part of its CSR initiatives, so we are committed to continuing to offer related career opportunities and professional development in our projects and for the benefit of the sector in general. Linxon’s partnerships in STEM education and IET in the UK help us inspire the next generation of engineers.

Across the globe, we are working to promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through engaging opportunities with young people – concentrating on substations, wind farms, and engineering- and encouraging more local jobs from readily available talent.

Our STEM ambassadors in action


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