Honoring Women’s History Month

February 29, 2024

A Message from Nicolas Sanloup, President and Managing Director Americas

Nicolas Sanloup


“As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we honor women’s invaluable contributions, achievements, and resilience throughout history and in contemporary society. We are especially proud of the vital role our female colleagues play in every facet of our success. From legal to marketing, from supply chain to engineering and business development, the efforts of our women team members resonate deeply with this year’s theme: Inspire Inclusion.”

—President and Managing Director Americas


Meet Our Team and Celebrate the Women Who Inspire Them!

Recognizing the women in your own life can further your appreciation for women around the world!

Linxon Americas


“I consider myself lucky to have two of the most admirable role models of my life- my wife and my daughter. Their resilience, determination, and accomplishments in their own ventures are the quintessential traits of strong and self-reliant women. They serve as daily sources of inspiration for me, showing me what can be achieved with willpower and self-reliance. Observing their unwavering pursuit of self-improvement and success in their endeavors inspires me to follow suit.” 

—Pravakar Samanta, Director of Technical Sales and Proposal





Marlow and MOm

“For females in the workplace and this industry in general, I believe more support groups could be established; ones where women feel comfortable to share their input and things that need to be addressed in the industry. My journey has been shaped by the unwavering push from my mother and the presence of powerful women in my life. They’ve not only made me stronger but also propelled me toward my goals with unyielding determination”

Marlow Stevens, Office Assistant 





Honoring Women's History month


“Women’s resilience in breaking into a male-dominated field is a powerful example of overcoming barriers and forging one’s path, inspiring those around her to embrace fearlessness in pursuing their dreams.”

In an environment like ours, it is imperative we foster an inclusive space for every employee to feel they are on equal footing as the person next to them. Linxon prioritizes this type of environment and strives to continue to broaden our workforce, inspire inclusivity, and admire the accomplishments of every individual who dares to join the fight for a cleaner world.  

In the picture, my wife and daughter are women who inspire my life every day and motivate me to make the world a better place for all.

—Oumarou Sani, Business Development Manager



From Pioneers to Progress: Celebrating Women’s History Month

For our colleague, Sara Rowshanaee, a Document Controller at Linxon Americas, Berta Cáceres’ legacy exemplifies the resilience and strength of women who have courageously fought against oppression and injustice. Sara’s deep admiration for Cáceres has made her an integral part of our Linxon team. She actively supports Linxon’s mission of advancing sustainable energy solutions, ensuring efficient operations, and facilitating smooth project execution.


Honoring Women History Month Americas

“Berta Caceres, a mother, midwife, environmentalist, and human rights activist in Honduras, was known for her unwavering courage and determination in fighting for justice. She fearlessly advocated for the rights of her community and the protection of the environment until her last days. She was truly a role model.” 

—Sara Rowshanaee, Document Controller 



#InspiringInclusion: Celebrate the Trailblazing Women at Linxon Americas

At Linxon, we recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion in fostering a culture of innovation and progress. By honoring the legacy of women, we reaffirm our commitment to creating an environment where women are empowered to lead and make a positive impact on the world. 

#InspiringInclusion, that is this year’s theme for International Women’s Day. Every year since 1996, they spotlight this holiday by announcing a different theme to conjure up awareness and global participation. This year’s theme is Inspire Inclusion. It is all about understanding and valuing what women bring to the table and further developing a global environment that includes women in all aspects. More than that, it’s a day of “global activism” that is for every person willing to extend a hand to reach true equality and inclusion.