How Linxon contributes to society during the COVID-19 outbreak

April 15, 2020

Keeping continuity of service

The collaboration with our customers and suppliers has never been better than during the last weeks.

The Linxon teams across the different geographies have continuously been in touch with all our partners. It has happened in all the fields of our EPC activities. Some times delivering the engineering sharing documentation by video conference, or following up the manufacturing in the factories, or even participating in factory acceptance tests using broadcasting conferences. We are also keeping our site activities for the critical infrastructures in order to ensure that the communities would have a secured reach to electricity short and long term.

“This collaboration is something we will absolutely need to keep and strengthen further. In fact, it is one of the positive outcome of this crisis” says Frédéric Tréfois, CEO of Linxon.

We first care of the safety of our people

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, the world around us is evolving rapidly. But while many things are changing, our commitment to the safety of our employees, their loved ones and our customers has not changed.

“Linxon has a robust business resiliency program and therefore could remain open for business, as it implemented not only the WHO guidelines but also our industry best practices. The rapid response and agility of our teams has ensured the safe and efficient continuity of our business. I am extremely proud of how our people have responded and quickly adapted to continue to deliver in these exceptional times”, Frédéric Tréfois continues.

For the Linxon global offices, “work-from-home” routines has been implemented, with solid and modern IT/IS support enabling communications in the teams as well as with external partners and customers.

As an EPC provider, Linxon also have people working on sites across the different countries in a huge variety of roles that just can’t be done at home. These employees and contractors play a vital and important role in the projects, dealing with construction works and commissioning, collaborating every day with our customers to keep the continuity of electricity at home, at hospitals, … It is our first priority to make sure our work continues under safe conditions. All site works perform under these stringent HSE measures to protect not just themselves but also the communities in which they operate.

Here are some important precautions taken:

1) To ensure the continuity of the execution of the projects, and to make employees, contractors and customers confident about the Linxon safety measures during projects delivery, we strive to make sure we understood their position in terms of safety and compliance with the governmental covid-19 restrictions and what could be done to mitigate all risks.

2) We created clear site operating procedures that ensured we protected our site workforce and that we would minimise the risk of further spread of infection – deep cleaning process, increased hand washing facilities / messroom rules, segregation of walkways like one way systems, emergency procedures in case of incident or accidents.

3) Continuous disinfection program for all offices, welfare facilities and transportation facilities onsite, sufficient supply & stations of hand sanitizers, face masks and disposable gloves provided for mandatory use.

4) Temperature screening (at office / site entry point) using conventional thermometer and thermal imaging technology.

5) We have also invested in changing first aid tools and prepared isolation rooms for potential infection identified and provided with necessary measures.

“The COVID-19 put all of us in circumstances we never experienced before and it is a fast changing environment. The success in these circumstances is always a joint success. And that common satisfaction of duties being accomplished only comes through collaboration, anticipation and transparency. Linxon will continue to work closely with all key parties during the difficult weeks and months ahead but, as a lesson learnt, will keep these practices as a normal way of dealing with our partners”, Frédéric Tréfois concludes.