Inauguration of the Global Engineering, Technology and Services (GETS) world-class office in Chennai

June 14, 2024

June 3, 2024, marked the official inauguration of Linxon’s world-class, modern office space of the Global Engineering, Technology and Services (GETS) team in Chennai.

The opening ceremony began with Stefan Reisacher, Chief Executive Officer – Linxon, Jean-Francois Vallee, Chief Finance Officer – Linxon, Ahmed Alalawi, Global Head of Project Controls, lighting the lamp and ushering in the festivities.  Following a vibrant and colorful cultural performance of the classical Indian dance form, Bharatanatyam, the team joined in for a fun-filled time of songs, dance and laughter.

In recognition of their excellent teamwork and achievement, the GETS team was awarded the CEO award for the outstanding team performance. The award was received by Vinodkumar, Deputy Head – GETS, on behalf of the team.

Linxon also shared our commitment to corporate social responsibility by partnering with Hope Foundation to donate laptops to empower children’s education.  Ms. Malarvizhi from Hope Foundation received the laptops from Stefan Reisacher, Jean-Francois Vallee and Ahmed Alalawi.

Earlier this year, on April 24, the GETS team moved to this new office space in the bustling business hub of the city of Chennai, making a significant stride in our journey to align with Linxon’s global strategy.

The new GETS team office in Chennai signifies a pivotal moment in Linxon’s trajectory of innovation and growth. The dynamic and skilled GETS team is poised to realize our strategic vision and bolster Linxon’s industry leadership by nurturing innovation and delivering exceptional support to our project offices across the globe,” says Stefan Reisacher, CEO – Linxon.

GETS Chennai has witnessed tremendous growth in the past months. The team has been instrumental in the successful execution of high-quality projects across all regions and has enhanced Linxon’s global operations. Linxon’s global business services (GBS) center, which became operational in January, 2024, serves as a centralized hub for all business operations, prioritizing efficiency, quality, and accuracy while maintaining cost-effectiveness.