Linxon and libs are committed to vocational training

December 14, 2021

A commitment to professional training unites libs and Linxon. Knowing that fresh graduates require solid, basic knowledge and practical skills to enter the working world successfully, we have established an alliance with libs to offer apprenticeships in our office in Baden, Switzerland.

Linxon is committed to offering dual vocational training, an essential cornerstone of the Swiss education system. We invest in the future by providing apprenticeships to the next generation of young professionals in partnership with libs. Young talents receive a solid, basic education combined with the chance to gather first real-life experience, which offers the school graduates a perfect start to work-life. We also see this as an excellent opportunity to attract and retain the next generation of young professionals, especially in positions requiring specialized, technical knowledge and know-how.

We are glad to announce that we have teamed up with libs, a strong partner for vocational training. This cooperation allows both partners to focus on what they can provide best: school leavers are employed by libs and receive solid and professional basic training. Linxon takes over the advanced part of the basic vocational training. We offer trainees the chance to apply the acquired knowledge and gather first-hand experience in our projects.

Currently, we offer apprenticeships for electrical engineers.

“During my traineeship at libs as an automation technician, I gained a broad insight into the world of technology. I had the opportunity to work on complex plants and control systems. This started with schematic drawing, wiring, and programming of the whole plant up to mechanical work like drilling, milling, filing, or even constructing plant elements. The combination of theory and hands-on experience was a great foundation for my future career”, says Vahid Hrncic, a graduate from libs and one of our project lead engineers in the Swiss office.

We are looking forward to welcoming young talents who are open to change and who feel responsible for developing their professional careers.

About libs

libs is a Swiss training company with locations in Baden, Heerbrugg, Rapperswil, and Zurich. As a competent service provider and strong partner in vocational training, libs is responsible for recruiting and basic vocational training as the leading provider for the Swiss industry. libs trains school leavers to become socially, methodologically, and technically competent professionals who will be able to meet the demand of the future labor market. More information can be found at

About Linxon

We combine Hitachi Energy’s deep technological knowledge and SNC-Lavalin’s project management expertise to create a company dedicated to electrical substations. As one of the leading engineering companies, we help our customers with turnkey solutions in the field of substations for power transmission, renewable energy, and transportation. As a single point of contact, we combine key suppliers and contractors’ accumulated know-how so that customers benefit from efficient solutions, increased industrial productivity, and a lower environmental impact.

Vahid Hrncic