Linxon at the PNZP anniversary: A commitment to Net Zero

May 20, 2024

On May 15-16, 2024, Linxon proudly participated in two important events at the Glasgow Science Centre, emphasizing our dedication to a sustainable, net-zero future. The evening of May 15 marked the second-anniversary celebration of the Powering Net Zero Pact (PNZP), while the broader All-Energy Event ran concurrently, showcasing the latest innovations in renewable energy.


The Powering Net Zero Pact

Launched in 2022 by SSE plc and ten founding partners as a legacy of COP26, the PNZP has rapidly evolved into a powerful force. It now unites companies across the power sector, including Linxon, in a shared mission to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. The PNZP’s influence has expanded with the addition of 16 more members, such as ScottishPower and National Grid, further amplifying its impact.

The Pact focuses on five areas of ambition: achieving zero carbon emissions, protecting and enhancing the natural environment, transitioning to a circular economy, guaranteeing fair work and sustainable jobs, and adding value to local communities.

Reference: Powering Net Zero Pact. Year 2 annual report.

Engineering a Net Zero future

Aligned with the PNZP celebration, the May 15-16 All-Energy event served as the UK’s largest low-carbon energy and full supply chain renewables conference. It was an ideal platform for Linxon to connect with industry leaders, foster new relationships, and delve into the latest developments in renewable energy. This event provided us with a unique opportunity to showcase our innovative solutions and engage in insightful discussions about future trends in the energy sector.

Linxon’s responsibilities and projects

At Linxon, we are building infrastructure to power the world with carbon-free energy. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in several key initiatives that align with the PNZP’s goals.

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We are actively replacing fossil fuel plants with cleaner energy sources by connecting renewable power generation to the electrical grid. This critical transition reduces carbon emissions and supports the broader integration of renewables into the energy mix, making sustainable energy more accessible and reliable.

We also make strides in transportation by electrifying rail and metro lines. This initiative significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with people’s mobility, providing greener alternatives to traditional fossil-fuel-powered transportation systems.

Moreover, we are reinforcing the electrical grid to integrate renewable generation and build higher transmission capacity. This enhancement is essential to meet the increasing electricity demand driven by the decarbonization of transport and buildings, ensuring that our infrastructure supports a sustainable future.

Throughout all our operations, Linxon is fully committed to minimizing its carbon footprint to help support the electricity industry and our wider supply chain to deliver net zero carbon construction projects. We will continually look for equipment and material supply options and methods of working that will significantly reduce embodied and operational carbon by challenging our team, including our supply chain partners, during both the design and delivery stages of our projects.

Marcus Stone, our Environment and Sustainability Lead, expressed his thoughts: “Participating in the PNZP anniversary and actively contributing to the PNZP working groups has been truly inspiring and served as a strong reminder of Linxon’s unwavering commitment to a sustainable future. Our projects are meticulously crafted not only to minimize environmental impact but also to contribute to a better society. Through our focus on community engagement, resource efficiency, and renewable energy initiatives, we are dedicated to creating a positive impact.”

Nicole Olsman, our Chief Legal Officer and Head of Sustainability, emphasized, “Linxon’s efforts play a crucial role in steering almost every sector we operate in towards achieving net carbon zero. Our strategic approach to intelligent engineering, efficient procurement, and environmentally friendly construction is revolutionizing the way we develop the infrastructure of tomorrow.”

We aim to halve CO2 emissions by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Our active participation in the PNZP demonstrates our commitment to these crucial targets. By collaborating with other PNZP members, we are determined to drive substantial progress towards a sustainable future.

The second anniversary of the PNZP was a celebration of achievements and a reaffirmation of our shared commitment to combating climate change. At Linxon, we are dedicated to leading by example, ensuring that our projects contribute to a greener, more sustainable world.

For more information on our sustainability initiatives, visit Linxon Sustainability.

You can also find the PNZP Year 2 annual report here