Linxon featured in Inside America Magazine

July 3, 2024

In an exclusive interview, Phil Nicholls, Editor – Proactive Publications, sits down with Nicolas Sanloup, Linxon’s Managing Director for the Americas, to discuss our pivotal role in renewable energy and our unique standing as a leading EPC company specializing in power solutions for key market segments.

Linxon Featured in Inside Americas: Leading the Charge in Renewable Energy.

Infrastructure enabling the global energy transformation

The influence of Linxon on the worldwide energy sector is highlighted by an array of impressive projects and initiatives in areas such as Offshore Wind, Rail Electrification, and BESS. Nicolas Sanloup, President and Managing Director Americas explained: “Linxon leads the charge in operationalizing large-scale offshore wind projects, with a total capacity nearing 4GW. Additionally, we have over 1.5GWh of battery energy storage systems enhancing high voltage grids to cater to the escalating power demand.”

Linxon’s collaboration with Vineyard Wind on the Forever First Offshore Wind Project marks a significant milestone in the advancement of renewable energy infrastructure in North America. At the heart of this endeavor is Linxon’s commitment to fortifying grids amidst burgeoning demand. The partnership entails the delivery of a cutting-edge 220/115-kilovolt (kV) substation to Vineyard Wind, facilitating the integration of clean, renewable energy into the ISO New England power grid. Notably, this initiative represents the inaugural utility-scale offshore wind project in the United States.

The company is built on 100 years of technological expertise, plus 60 years of substation and electrification project experience worldwide. Linxon unites AtkinsRéalis’ project management expertise with Hitachi Energy’s industry-leading knowledge. This union created a new company, leveraging the key strengths from both parent partners. Linxon’s global network comprises around 700 skilled professionals operating from 19 main offices, organized into three hubs across the globe: Hub AMEA (Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa), Hub Europe, and Hub Americas.

Even as a young company, Linxon has a significant role in European projects, integrating 3 GW of renewables in 2023 alone. This aligns with the broader global trend, as the United States aims to generate 42% of its electricity from renewables by 2050.

Linxon’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions is exemplified by a comprehensive offering to aid developers and investors in integrating Battery Energy Storage Systems for distribution and transmission applications. The company’s unique DNA enables it to support clients in achieving specific goals. Global buying power plus long-term operation and maintenance services further solidify Linxon’s value proposition.

A comprehensive package

Linxon stands out by offering unique solutions through Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) expertise. Covering the entire project lifecycle – from design and material procurement to construction, installation, and maintenance – Linxon leverages its Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) background for deep product knowledge and industry insight, ensuring seamless integration into diverse environments.

“We offer comprehensive EPC services backed by the extensive technical expertise of our two founding companies,” said Mr. Sanloup. “Our key strengths include project management, engineering design, procurement, construction, and commissioning of complex projects. We are committed to sustainability, minimizing environmental impact while maximizing efficiency and productivity.”

Offshore wind: As a leader in the integration of large-scale projects, Linxon has brought numerous offshore wind farms into operation. With a total capacity nearing 4GW, its state-of-the-art substations are vital links between offshore wind farms and the power grid, ensuring a steady supply of renewable energy.

Battery energy storage systems: Linxon has over 1.5GWh of BESS enhancing high voltage grids. These systems are strategically installed to bolster resilience and meet escalating power demand, playing a crucial role in storing excess energy produced by renewable sources and releasing it when needed, thereby ensuring a consistent power supply.

Rail electrification: Linxon is committed to interconnecting global rail networks with reliable power delivery. The company designs and constructs electrification systems that power trains, trams, and metros, contributing to more sustainable and efficient public transportation. These solutions help reduce the carbon footprint of the transport sector and improve air quality in urban areas.

In all these areas, Linxon provides comprehensive EPC services, leveraging extensive industry knowledge and technical expertise. The company delivers customized and innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of clients, considering the broader impacts on society and the environment.

Linxon is featured in the latest issue of Inside Americas magazine!

Key partnerships

A vital part of Linxon’s operation is the collaboration with its two global parents. This empowers the company with access to products, technology, and expertise, positioning Linxon to integrate these elements into solutions that support global requirements.

“Our access to cutting-edge products and technology with comprehensive engineering and construction expertise, has equipped us to play a distinctive role in advancing sustainability targets,” Mr. Sanloup explained. “This partnership fortifies our ability to provide solutions and underscores our commitment to sustainability.”

Linxon innovates for a sustainable future, reducing carbon usage by 30 to 50% by 2030, with a goal of 100% carbon neutrality in construction equipment use by 2050.

“Our vision aligns with the global transformation to carbon-free energy, serving as a critical partner in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions.” Mr. Sanloup continued. “The scope of our projects contributes significantly to achieving net carbon zero in almost every sector the company operates within. By connecting renewable power generation to the electrical grid, we facilitate the displacement of fossil plants in the generation mix. “Additionally, our efforts in electrifying new rail and metro lines reduce carbon emissions and our overall ecological footprint, aligning with our commitment to sustainable mobility solutions.”

Furthermore, Linxon is deeply involved in reinforcing grids to enable the integration of renewable generation, building higher transmission capacity to accommodate increased electricity demand.

Addressing global challenges

Linxon helps global businesses navigate a challenging future by supporting the energy transition. As industries worldwide intensify their shift to renewable energy sources, Linxon provides the expertise and solutions needed to lead this global trend.

“However, this transition faces challenges due to the substantial investments required,” Mr. Sanloup explained. “Manufacturers’ limited capacity has resulted in extended lead times for critical products, impacting organizations striving to achieve net zero commitments. Mr. Sanloup added: “Linxon, in collaboration with AtkinsRéalis and Hitachi Energy, is a global turnkey solution provider offering reliable power solutions.”

Today, the majority of Linxon’s power clients seek comprehensive solutions that prepare them for a future focused on renewable energy and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are developing partnership agreements to directly connect facilities to renewable energy sources,” said Mr. Sanloup. “This could be wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric, or even nuclear and hydrogen power. We are utilizing materials that reduce the carbon footprint of buildings.”

Another option Linxon is offering is asset-owner investment for backup power, optimizing asset usage and efficiency. Linxon’s battery solutions provide backup for two to four hours, offering resilience in critical scenarios. Finally, Linxon is partnering with renewable energy providers to leverage excess battery capacity for cost reduction, revenue generation, and grid balancing services.

Linxon’s extensive approach emphasizes collaboration with renewable energy providers, ensuring the integration of renewable power sources to meet the evolving needs of clients.

As part of such a promising time at Linxon, Mr. Sanloup is energized to be steering a team that is not just building projects but is also creating a sustainable future.

“Leading Linxon Americas offers a unique blend of challenges and opportunities,” Mr. Sanloup said, in conclusion. “Our capabilities have expanded, allowing us to accomplish complex projects with confidence. Linxon’s strength comes from our amazing team, a group of dedicated professionals who bring their best to the table every day.

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