Linxon participates in key discussion on AI & Data Centers in the Clean Energy Equation

July 2, 2024

We were excited to join the recent discussion on “The Power Paradox: AI & Data Centers in the Clean Energy Equation.” This event highlighted the rapid growth of data centers and generative AI, bringing important questions to the forefront of the sector.

According to RMI, U.S. data center power demand is expected to double by 2030. While advancements in data technology drive innovations in clean energy, such as smart EV charging and industrial energy optimization, they also present challenges with rising energy consumption.

At Linxon, we are dedicated to helping our customers build stronger, smarter, and greener grids that adapt to the changing power landscape. Our expertise in substation design boosts the capacity, reliability, and availability of transmission and distribution networks.

A heartfelt thank you to the Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster for the invitation and for organizing this fantastic event, to all participants and supporters, and to Mark Ogden for representing us.


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