Press Release: Linxon pioneers OpenSpace reality capture and AI-powered analytics in energy grid projects

April 15, 2024

Linxon enters enterprise agreement with the global leader for 360° reality capture to bring more transparency to key construction sites.

Nearly 200,000 users in 93 countries use OpenSpace to compile a comprehensive visual record of their construction sites to verify work-in-place, simplify dispute resolution, and keep teams accountable. As a pioneer in the industry, Linxon has become an OpenSpace customer, bringing that technology to energy grid upgrades and extensions.

Linxon is already using OpenSpace on two key projects: The 380 kV substation connecting Taibah cogeneration plants to the electricity grid in Saudi Arabia and the new high voltage substation at Bengeworth Road, which forms part of the London Power Tunnels Project to rewire London. Allowing for remote progress tracking, Linxon welcomes the opportunity offered by OpenSpace to create operational efficiencies and improve on the monitoring of health and safety on its sites.

“As promised by OpenSpace, deploying their software is like creating a time machine,” said Hassan Merhi, Managing Director at Linxon Middle East & Africa. “It allows us to easily go back to a moment in time or a location. We can look behind walls or underneath concrete floors. At the same time, we are ensuring transparency by making progress on site visible to everyone.”

After the successful pilot, Linxon ultimately selected OpenSpace as their enterprise 360° reality capture platform. The solution stood out for its ease of use and its capabilities around AI and BIM (Building Information Modeling). The investment in such software also forms part of Linxon’s efforts to halve CO2 emissions by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. With such technology alleviating the need to undertake site inspections in person, the company is taking further steps to reducing its carbon footprint.

“We are excited to broaden our partnership with Linxon to help bring more transparency to their energy grid construction projects across Europe and the Middle East.”, said Jeevan Kalanithi, Co-Founder and CEO of OpenSpace. “We are delighted that Linxon selected our solution to support a more efficient collaboration between design, field and project teams, and is taking important steps towards more sustainable construction by innovating with technological solutions.”

Teams have already noticed a 10–15% reduction in time spent on site and a definite drop in hours dedicated to administration. Video captures generated with OpenSpace are shared with clients and included by Linxon within their site fees. By easily capturing their construction sites with a 360° walk through, distributed teams are able to collaborate with new visibility and insights, and make informed decisions quickly.