Linxon upgrades substation in northern Sweden to enable increased wind power generation

August 16, 2019

Linxon will deliver a turnkey upgrade for an electrical substation for E.ON Energy Networks. The order is consisting of an extension of the 130 kV and the 400 kV air insulated switchgears (AIS) substations as well as civil works.

E.ON Energy Networks intends to connect increased wind power from several surrounding wind parks into the grid of Storfinnforsen in northern Sweden. This entails that the existing 130 kV substation needs to be extended by one bay AIS 400 kV, three bays of AIS 130 kV and a new capacitor bank to stabilize the grid.

“This is Linxon’s first contract with E.ON and we are glad to be given this opportunity to demonstrate how we as a Joint Venture between ABB and SNC-Lavalin can generate enhanced value to our clients”, said Thomas Torstensson, General Manager for Linxon Sweden.

The construction work is planned to start in September 2019. The energizing of the refurbished substation is planned for July 2020

The distant site location up north at Storfinnforsen power station, close to Ramsele in Västernorrlands län, presents its challenges. Since the site will be energized during the entire project to enable consumers to have reliable access to power, times for outages are limited. In addition, erection works during winter period will be necessary.

Linxon commenced operations on September 1, 2018, undertaking turnkey electrical alternating current substation projects related to renewable and conventional power generation, power transmission and transportation solutions. Substations enable the efficient and reliable transmission and distribution of electricity. Within the substation, switchgear controls and protects the network from power outages and facilitates reliable electricity supply.










From a similar EPC project in Sweden.