Linxon’s turnkey substation solutions for the transport sector

June 19, 2019

Millions of machines run on electricity, including machines that move: from cars and buses to locomotives and ships, electricity not only propels much of our world but also supports the movement of goods and people in ways that are more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.

The range of electric transport systems is vast, from the tiny electric motors that propel the Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars to the complex electric traction systems driving our rail networks here on earth. Big or small, they need the same thing – a reliable supply of quality electricity.

Ensuring reliable power supplies for most electric transport systems is a complex process from design to commissioning with emphasis on power quality and monitoring, protections and controls for the transmission and distribution of the electricity from the grid to the vehicle. In other words, a reliable substation and network associated with it.

An experienced partner

Substation design and installation is Linxon’s focus and specialty. As a joint venture company set up by ABB and SNC‑Lavalin, Linxon executes turnkey AC electric substation projects, including substations for electric transport. It inherits both ABB’s deep knowledge gained from more than 100 years of designing and building complex networks and substations for multiple industrial sectors, and SNC‑Lavalin’s extensive global expertise in managing the needs of such infrastructure. electrification project management experience.

Linxon provides a comprehensive portfolio of AC and DC traction substations for the rail sector, which includes complete design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of switchgear, transformers, protection/control and state-of-the-art technology, feeding and distributing electricity to, dedicated freight and high-speed lines for rail networks around the world.

For example, Linxon is providing a complete turnkey solution right from grid connection to network connecting power rails which includes bulk power substation, auxiliary and traction substations and critical power equipment for the Pink and Yellow monorail lines in Bangkok, Thailand, the first monorails in a multi-line urban rail commuter network designed to reduce smog and traffic congestion in the busy megacity.

A clean electric ride

When they commence operation in 2020, the monorails are expected to carry up to 28,000 passengers per hour at least 18 hours per day, seven days a week, providing a clean electric ride for millions of Thai commuters.

Linxon puts special emphasis on selecting right design and components thus creating an optimal substation footprint and utilizing modular designs that support a high degree of reliability and reduces power quality issues including electrical harmonics, poor power factor, voltage instability and network imbalance. A broad range of prefabricated high-voltage and medium-voltage modules are also selected which not only significantly reduce on-site installation and commissioning works but also reduces the requirements of spare parts during the operation and maintenance phase thus providing a lower life cycle cost for the owners of the project.

In the southern UK, for example, Linxon is one-half of a consortium providing turnkey autotransformer feeder substations that will deliver trackside power for Network Rail’s Great Western Route Modernization (GWRM) program.


Greener, smoother, quieter

The solution comprises engineering and design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of substations (including switchgear, transformers and IEC61850-enabled automation) along a 190-km long route as part of an extensive plan to modernize the rail infrastructure of the Great Western main line, which was established more than 180 years ago and is considered the backbone of rail transport in the UK. Upon completion in 2020, the project will make rail travel more reliable, greener and smoother for passengers, as well as quieter for people living near the railway.

Linxon is building on a powerful legacy that has delivered substation projects across the globe, in all climates, locations and voltage levels, by combining it with world-class EPC expertise and specialized services, scalable from niche mandates to megaprojects, that manage project risk and return-on-investment.

From conventional to renewable power generation, from utilities to railways, Linxon turnkey AC substations are built on decades of experience, knowledge and trust.


Author: Yasir Shah
Global Business Development Manager at Linxon