Press release: FlexGen and Linxon announce collaboration to advance energy storage solutions

November 8, 2023

Today,  Flexgen and Linxon are accelerating energy storage to create a more resilient and intelligent grid.


FlexGen, the leading Energy Management System (EMS) provider and a leading advanced energy storage system integrator, and Linxon, a world-class Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) leader with focus on energy storage, renewables, and substations, have today announced a collaboration agreement. This partnership is set to significantly improve the landscape of the energy storage sector, providing complete solutions in a market that demands constant innovation, efficiency, and speed. This strategic alliance will address key customer pain points in the delivery of battery energy storage capacity by offering competitive pricing, improved lead times, and reduced complexity of coordination. The partnership will come into effect this November 2023, announced today at the Reuters Energy Storage Conference.

“Linxon’s extensive experience in engineering, procurement, and construction with FlexGen’s innovative approach to energy storage solutions marks a transformative moment in our industry. By embracing the intricate demands of the energy storage market, we’re not just streamlining processes and ensuring efficient delivery. We’re also catalyzing tangible value for our investors, landowners, and grid operators, driving economic and environmental dividends that will resonate across the region.” -Nicolas Sanloup, President, and Managing Director of the Americas at Linxon

Yann Brandt, Chief Commercial Officer at FlexGen, highlighted the strategic foresight of the alliance:

“Our collaboration with Linxon reinforces our shared commitment to deliver resilient and reliable energy storage solutions. By providing a better way to deploy energy storage projects, FlexGen and Linxon are positioned to exceed the current and future demands of the energy storage sector, driving innovation and project execution excellence.”

In response to the growing demand for adaptable and efficient energy storage solutions, the agreement between FlexGen and Linxon addresses the urgent need for more flexible, reliable, and efficient energy storage solutions. They aim to introduce unparalleled flexibility in design and execution, competitive pricing, and reduced delivery timelines, directly meeting the critical requirements of the energy market.

This partnership transforms FlexGen and Linxon into a one-stop-shop solution provider: FlexGen contributes its leading EMS operating system software and extensive network and access to key, diversified battery technologies, while Linxon brings expertise in engineering, construction, and procurement of all hardware and services involved in the development of battery energy storage facilities. Together, they will leverage their collective strengths to ensure improved lead times, particularly around High Voltage (HV) equipment, significantly enhancing supply chain reliability and project execution timelines. This strategic shift marks a milestone for FlexGen and Linxon and signals a broader trend towards enhanced grid modernization and energy transition efforts in North America.


FlexGen and Linxon Announce Collaboration to Advance Energy Storage Solutions
Nicolas Sanloup, President, and Managing Director of the Americas at Linxon and Jason Abiecunas Senior Vice President, Business Development at FlexGen

About Linxon

Founded in 2018, Linxon combines AtkinsRéalis’ project management expertise and Hitachi Energy’s industry-leading technology to create a company dedicated to electrification. As one of the leading engineering companies, Linxon offers turnkey solutions in the field of substations for power transmission and distribution, renewable energy, transportation, and energy storage. Serving as a single point of contact, Linxon amalgamates the expertise of key suppliers and contractors, ensuring customers benefit from efficient solutions, increased industrial productivity, and reduced environmental impact.

About FlexGen

FlexGen is a leading integration services and software technology provider for energy storage solutions in the United States and globally. FlexGen designs and integrates storage solutions, along with the software platform that is enabling today’s energy transition. Leveraging its best-in-class energy management software and power electronics, FlexGen delivers utility-scale storage projects integrated with traditional and renewable power generation, globally. Our clients and partners include some of the most technologically and commercially demanding developers, utilities, government agencies, and industrial companies in the world. To learn more, please visit:

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