Project start for Skanstull substation

February 28, 2020

A new 400 kV GIS substation is now growing up in the Mårtensdal area in Stockholm. The substation is one of several reinforcements of the power grid in Stockholm region, to meet the increasing need of electricity in Stockholm. The Swedish utility Svenska kraftnät has contracted Linxon to build this substation and it is expected to be commissioned in year 2023.

The building area for the station is close to the popular music and activity center Fryshuset in central parts of Stockholm and hence, there is a is space constraint and the building area is limited to 63 x 24 meter.

To build the Skanstull substation, there is a need to excavate 10 – 15 meters below ground level, and thereafter the concrete works will begin. The building will be prepared with outer walls, inner walls and 2 floors. When the building is ready, the advanced electrical equipment such as GIS, power transformers and reactors can be installed, commissioned and energized.

Illustration of the future building.

A part of the Stockholms Ström project

The Stockholm region is increasingly in need and dependent on electricity. The grid is being strengthened in order to meet the future’s need of reliable power supply. Svenska kraftnät has together with Vattenfall and Ellevio proposed a completely new structure for the grid in the region, to be delivered in 50 different projects. These activities are coordinated in the project Stockholms Ström. Several new underground cables, overhead lines, tunnels and substations are being planned.

Skanstull will be connected via 400 kV power cables to two other 400 kV substations in the region. Those substations are Anneberg north of Stockholm and Snösätra south of the city.
During the next 10 years, additionally four stations supporting the grid will be ready in Högdalen, Beckomberga, Bredäng och Sollentuna. In order to utilize best the limited space, these will be Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS).