International Day of Light is just around the corner and the truth is that we rarely think about how essential light is to carry out most of our daily activities.

Light carries energy that activates and stops processes such as photosynthesis, initiating cycles that have allowed the development of life as we know it. Without the light that Earth receives from the Sun, the planet would be just a cold inert rock, spinning in a dark space.

Like other species, humanity developed under daylight conditions, until Edison arrived and popularized electric lights. Light then became available to people during day and night, paving the way for our 24-hour society.

Electromagnetic waves, of which visible light is one type, play a fundamental role in our daily life, in addition to being essential for the development of science, culture, education and sustainability today. Thanks to this, medicine has been revolutionized, communication has been opened at a global level, and it serves as an important link of cultural, economic, political and social aspects.

Could you imagine being under lockdown without light, internet, mobile reception, or even X-ray to check your lungs?

Linxon recognizes the value and importance of light in each person’s life and in all areas. For this reason, we are proud to participate together with other entities in the development of megaprojects that have the ultimate goal of providing low-carbon electricity to millions of families around the world.

On the 16th of May, take a minute to think about how such a common thing is important to you.