Shurton 600+ Perfect Days

November 23, 2020

Congratulations to the Shurton team for achieving over 600 continuous Perfect Days on site!

Shurton has achieved 600 continuous Perfect Days on site since the beginning of site works on April 1, 2019.  Perfect Days is about recognising the team efforts and is aimed at ensuring our people and the environment are unharmed and will ultimately help to drive better performance.  The Shurton team has achieved this by a combination of close collaboration and team working between the Linxon engineers, the site management team, our customer and contractors.

“The Shurton team have worked effectively and efficiently with our contractors and our client National Grid to ensure that we have a culture that echoes the Linxon message ´Safety is the priority, quality is the standard´” said Gregg Brisco, Senior Project Manager, when congratulated the team and reflected on their achievement.

The site team created a team-working environment which enables them to make the right choices every time.  This is only possible because the team is competent, fully informed and is given sufficient time and resources to do the task. The team members also place the same importance to ensuring that they approach work with the right mindset to complete their tasks both safely and to the correct standard. This approach allows open discussions to identify the best ways to undertake work and handle any issues or concerns so these can be resolved before any problems can occur.

The team has all been briefed on one of Linxon’s key foundation for safe delivery – the StepBack process.  This assists the team in identifying hazards, associated risks and ensuring the correct controls are established / maintained. As part of the StepBack briefing the team were briefed on risks and hazards as well as how to identify them in both the construction and the work office environments, to ensure all our people onsite understood what is required of them and why it is important for their individual safety, for the safety of others in the vicinity, for their families and for Linxon’s reputation.

“We believe at Shurton that the safety culture is evident from the moment that you enter the site.  The site is clearly set up to ensure that safety is embedded into everything that we do.  The feedback from everyone that attends the site is positive.  There is a genuine team spirit and everyone works together in a proactive and positive way”, Gregg Brisco concluded.

The team working has included sharing training with members of our contractors’ team which has included Mental Health First Aid, Behavioural Safety, Confined Space and MEWPS (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) for Managers.  This has helped to ensure a consistency of approach as well as a good understanding of the risks and the control measures that need to be applied.