The Harbor GIS substation dedicated to the City of Anaheim, California

November 20, 2019

The new Harbor GIS substation has been officially dedicated to the City of Anaheim, California. During a ceremony on November 5, the state-of-the art project was cordially celebrated by the owner, the community and the contractors such as Linxon.

The Mayor of the City of Anaheim, Harry Sidhu, dedicated the substation to the City, announcing that the Harbor substation is powering 15,000 homes in Anaheim and is a landmark project towards making the Anaheim Utility self-sufficient and robust.

Housed in specially-designed architectural buildings that blend within Anaheim’s resort area and the surrounding buildings, the 69/12 kilovolt (kV), 112 megavolt ampere (MVA) Harbor GIS substation will greatly improve the reliability of electrical service and provide additional power capacity. Linxon (former ABB) has provided two 69/12 kV, 33/40/50 MVA transformers, as well as 12 kV metal clad air-insulated switchgear (AIS) lineup with 25 breakers; six 69 kV GIS breakers and space for two future devices; as well as protection and control engineering, a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, complete auxiliary systems, HV and MV cables in specially designed underground duct banks & vaults, solar system, and landscaping and architectural buildings.

“The best compliment we received this day was from the City’s Project Manager (Larry Davis). He said that “guests invited to the event  were finding it difficult to locate the ‘substation’ as the building completely mixes up with the ‘resort landscape’ and people were passing by the station without recognizing it to be an industrial facility”, said Ankit Joshi, the Project Director from Linxon.

“This project symbolises the Linxon delivery scope and competency very well. We supplied the full turnkey substation with excellence in project management, design, building and commissioning, integrating state-of-the-art ABB technology”, said Frédéric Trefois, CEO of Linxon.

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Project highlights

Thoughtful design

  • Located in the “Platinum Triangle”, the aesthetically pleasing design blends in with neighboring buildings.
  • High reliability in a small space
  • The substation utilizes insulated switchgear to fit within less than an acre – roughly half the size of a conventional open-air substation.

Sustainable elements

  • Solar panels provide clean energy, high efficiency LED lighting is used o reduce energy consumption, and the irrigation system is ready for recycled water.

A good neighbor

  • The low noise transformer was selected to be a quiet neighbor.






City’s General Manager Mr. Dukku Lee (to the right)  in conversation with Linxon’s
Project Director Ankit Joshi and Director of Sales Elliot Smith.











Solar panels on roof for reducing the carbon footprint of the substation.










The cookies prepared with Harbor Substations photo – look tasty, right!