Video: The new team member – Drone Kashef! Innovative step for site inspection and collaboration

November 11, 2020

Our new surveillance drone, called Kashef, has joined the site team in SHAMS 400/132 kV project, United Arab Emirates.

The introduction of new technology is aimed at improving overall performance in site inspection and monitoring, helping to reduce time and efforts needed for this purpose. Also, the technology is targeting improvement of flexibility in response and cross team communication efficiency.

The innovative use of drone technology is a continuation of the project management team vision towards creating multiple platforms for HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) and project execution excellence.

“Kashef drone was introduced for site inspections and it enables our client as well as Linxon management to perform virtual site visits. This is pioneering project execution and a perfect example of listening and working with the customer and facilitating interaction, said Frédéric Tréfois, CEO of Linxon.

The name “Kashef” is an Arabic word meaning “the detector”.

Kashef” is currently utilized for arial inspection on:

1- Heavy machineries, equipment positioning and movement

2- Pedestrian walkways

3- Housekeeping issues

4- Elevated work platforms

5- Roof activities

6- PPE compliance

7-General site condition after major events (rain & sandstorms)

8- Midday summer ban breach (to safeguard the summer midday ban for work under direct sun from 1230-1500)

9- Virtual site tours

The drone was brought into action first week of July and gradually participated in HSE inspection & monitoring efforts. Today, approximately 70% of the project observations are being captured and reported through Kashef.

Watch the video here: Youtube