We are building the infrastructure to power the world with carbon free energy

October 24, 2022

Linxon is the result of two industry powerhouses, SNC Lavalin and Hitachi Energy, pioneers in the energy sector which joined forces to form our company dedicated to executing turnkey projects with a unique value proposition to better serve customer needs.



Our Linxon team encompasses more than 100 years of experience in products and construction deploying and executing turnkey projects around the world. We are driving change by offering new solutions to key energy sectors such as:

  • Transmission and Distribution, with Air or Gas insulated substations
  • Renewable Integration, with Flexible AC transmission systems,
  • On and Offshore Wind generation, with innovative engineering
  • Energy Storage Systems help create reserves generated by solar and wind farms,
  • Data Centers solutions, helping growing data storage capabilities,
  • Electrification answers for rails and electrical vehicles need,

Our focus is to construct tomorrow’s infrastructure with reliable partners, with safe solutions, integrating technical innovation to accelerate the transition. We are proud of our roots combining expertise from SNC-Lavalin’s and Hitachi Energy, to shape energy solutions to empower sustainable connectivity and facilitate the digital transformation for consistent reliability.