Why Safety is Absolutely Non-Negotiable at Linxon

May 30, 2023

At Linxon, we know that emphasizing safety from the start has an enormous impact, not only on protecting workers, but also on the overall success of a project.

Did you know that according to the International Labour Organization (ILO), over 2.3 million workers around the world die from work-related accidents or diseases every year? That corresponds to over 6,000 deaths every single day 1. The costs associated with these tragic events are staggering and the human suffering and grieving is immeasurable.


We believe safety is everyone’s responsibility, not just managers or safety officers. That’s why we make safety an absolute priority right from the beginning, ensuring all workers have the proper knowledge, skills, and tools to do their jobs safely.

However, cultivating a safety culture can be challenging. Some difficulties include resistance to change, lack of awareness or understanding of safety procedures, pressure to meet deadlines and inadequate resources or support. To overcome these challenges, we take several key steps:

  • Cultivate a safety-first mindset by integrating safety into your project’s culture and promoting open communication about safety concerns.
  • Provide proper safety training and equipment to all individuals involved in the project, ensuring they have the resources they need to work safely.
  • Encourage reporting of safety concerns or near-misses so that they can be addressed and prevented from happening again in the future.
  • Perform regular safety audits and reviews to identify potential hazards and areas for improvement.
  • Celebrate and recognize individuals or teams that prioritize safety

At Linxon, we are dedicated to prioritizing safety as part of our core values. We still have progress to make, but together we can build an injury-free future at Linxon. Safety begins with each of us. Let’s continue this vital discussion of how we implement a strong safety culture at every level. Remember, safety is a shared responsibility, and together, we can make a difference.


Chris Swanepoel

Head of HSE, Quality Sustainability