Divya Francis

Introducing Divya Francis, Cost Controller-MEA Hub.

Mechanical engineer Divya Francis has her sights set on clear goals in her role as cost controller: she wants to help the company grow, maintain positive cashflow, and work on projects with a sustainable impact – all while growing her own skills through new challenges.

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Meet the team

Luis Munoz

Director of EPC Projects

"It's all about putting people first"

Divya Francis

Cost Controller for Linxon’s MEA hub

Introducing Divya Francis, Cost Controller-MEA Hub.

Muay’yad Ahmad Sbahi

Project Manager at Linxon in Jordan

Mohamed Ahmed Fouad Abdelrahim

SCADA Commissioning Lead

“One of the key factors in my progression is my own personal drive to push through doors that the company has opened for me.”

Kalpa V Murthy

HR Associate at Linxon HR Centre

“I can expand my horizons and create strong business networks – sparking a real admiration for my colleagues’ commitment to the business”

Ahmed Alalawi

Head of Project Controls – Finance Global at Linxon

“Being in a rapidly changing industry, there is always a new challenge, which helps me push myself to get better.”

Saikat Kumar

Senior Project Manager at Linxon India

“I believe in creating an environment where team members can innovate, act and deliver without fear of failure.”

Noor Rustam

Senior Logistics Specialist, Linxon in Bahrain

“I go by the rule of nothing is impossible, there is always a way.”

Zaki Hasnain

Engineering Manager, Linxon Sweden

"Leading a core team for business is always a motivation as it allows me to significantly enhance organizational efficiency while honing and extending my skills and capabilities."

Sankaranarayanan Murugan

Senior Project Manager, Linxon UAE

“It’s clear how much Linxon cares about its employees”

Vinodkumar D

Engineering Group Manager, Indian Operation Center

“Defeat is a state of mind, as they say, and this inspires me to never give up!”

Sandeep Kumar

Supply Chain Manager at Linxon Saudi Arabia

“We want to position ourselves as a trusted partner with which to collaborate”

Kshitish Raj

Legal Counsel, Asia Pacific Hub at Linxon India

“It’s an important role with the objective to help operations run smoothly and in a risk-free and ethical environment”

Mohamed Talaat

HR Business Partner for the Middle East and Africa

Mohamed Talaat is Linxon’s HR Business Partner for the Middle East and Africa: “To #TeamLinxon: Thank you for your support and creating this wonderful environment – keep it up!”

Cilia Chong

Linxon’s Legal Counsel

“The satisfaction of completing new challenges motivates me”

Amanpreet Singh

Proposal Manager for global offshore wind business

“Our future success depends on promising young talents”

Luis Molina

Senior Project Coordinator, Linxon in Bahrain

“The ability to communicate with others, regardless of nationality and age, is important for a rewarding job”