“It’s clear how much Linxon cares about its employees”

With his supportive leadership style, Sankar Murugan embeds the values of trust, accountability and optimism into the way he works with his team. He appreciates the positive, people-first working environment at Linxon, as well as the unique combination of innovative technology and project management – which matches his key skills. His end goal: making the customer happy and seeing that same joy in his team.

“I follow the approach that people want to be led, not managed,” says Sankar, adding that a leader at any level of an organization needs to have trust in their team and in themselves. “I always take accountability for my decisions and actions within all areas of responsibility,” he explains. Having moved from ABB to Linxon in May 2019, when the UAE organization was formed, he has reflected on the factors that motivate him to work for the company: he highlights that it is this freedom of decision-making, as well as the people, environment, and job satisfaction. This isn’t the first role in the Arabian Peninsula for Sankar, a native of Tamilnadu in India. In fact, he’s been in UAE nearly 15 years, working with several multinational contracting companies and watching his two children grow up in what he describes as a “vibrant country”. A strong believer in continuous learning as the key to success, he encourages his team to recognize their value and what they contribute to each activity. And he prizes open communication, clearly setting expectations, while making time to listen to his team and their concerns.

Customer happiness in focus

Listening to customer needs, and crafting a strategic approach together with them, is another part of Sankar’s daily professional life as a senior project manager. Two projects he has already had the opportunity to manage at Linxon are the SHAMS 400/132KV substation and the SANAD 132/11KV substation, which is going to serve one of the biggest labour accommodation zones in Dubai.

The latter project will also integrate some innovative developments, including using precast concrete methodology to expedite the construction process. It is this unique combination of forward-looking technologies and project expertise combined within one company that also attracts Sankar to Linxon – and this reflects his own background, which includes an engineering degree and an MBA in project management along with various professional certifications.

So, what does this expert believe is the key to customer satisfaction? “In my role, I need to be close to my team and to the customer and maintain continuous communication with both,” Sankar explains. “Customer happiness is a key factor, which I always shape our product solutions around. I strongly believe this is something important for our brand value.”


The power of optimism and support

It’s not just customer happiness, but also the happiness of his colleagues which is close to Sankar’s heart. “My nature is to get the most from all the individuals in my team, supporting them in difficult times and exploring creative ideas to bring improvements in challenging periods,” he underlines. “I always look for ways to energize my team and foster a spirit of optimism.”

Sankar adds that this extends across the company. “Linxon makes people happy, especially by taking care of employee wellbeing,” he says, highlighting that this became very apparent to him during the Covid-19 pandemic. A local support team was formed to help colleagues or their loved ones who were affected by Covid, assisting them in finding the right hospitals or getting medicines or disinfection products to their homes. “It’s clear how much Linxon cares about its employees,” Sankar underlines.

The new normal that has followed Covid has also brought a new shape to Sankar’s work-life balance – and he has also seen the value of support here, this time from his family in particular. “Working from home was a new ride for all of us and I’m able to continue my work better than ever thanks to my family, who have accepted my new normal. They are one of the main reasons from my self-motivation and passion in my job,” he sums up.

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